Brand New Flum Float Puff Bar 3000 Puffs

By | November 2, 2022

The Flum float is a disposable vape that offers a smooth vape in a variety of flavors. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. First, it is not rechargeable. Second, it is a disposable vape, which means that the batteries will have to be disposed of after every use.

Flum float is a smooth vape

The Flum float is an oversized disposable e-cigarette that features a long battery life and an eight-ml e-juice pod. It looks more like a football than a vape, with its tube-like construction and mouthpiece sitting on top. Inside, there is a draw-activated battery for smooth vaping. The Flum float also features nicotine salt e-juice and comes in 14 different flavors.

The Flum float disposable e-liquid features a smooth and fruity blend of flavors. A blend of juicy melon, mango, and aloe rounds out the vape with a touch of icy mint. Although this combination may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s a great choice for those who prefer a more unique vape.

It has a variety of flavors

Flum float is a refreshing drink that has a range of different flavors. Its flavors include a variety of sweet flavors that are refreshing and sugary, and alcoholic drinks like Red Bang and Pina Polo. These flavors are all refreshing, and they don’t hit smokers in the face. The best flavor to enjoy is the cool mint, which has a soothing effect that makes it the perfect drink for after work.

Flum float is the leading brand of disposable e-liquids. The disposable e-liquid has 50 mg of nicotine in it, which is half the amount that you get from a cigarette. Plus, it contains no tobacco or tar, so it’s a healthier alternative to smoking.

It is a disposable vape

The Flum Float Disposable Vape is a great option for those who want a portable disposable vape. This device is pre-filled with 8ml of liquid and features a draw-activated firing mechanism. It offers a variety of flavors and is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Flum Float features a stylish, comfortable design and tastes great. Its 8-ml bottle contains 5% nicotine and has smooth flavors like ice-cold berry lemon and straight menthol. You’ll enjoy a long lasting vaping experience with this device.

It is not rechargeable

The Flum Float is an excellent device for vaping. It has an impressive performance, producing up to 3000 puffs per charge, and multiple flavors. There’s no need to worry about charging it up, since it comes with a battery and pre-filled e-juice pod. The only thing you need to do is to draw a draw to activate the device. This will let you get started right away!

Unlike most other disposable vaporizers, the Flum Float does not require a battery, making it ideal for travel. It’s a lightweight, disposable device and comes in more than ten different flavors. The flavoring is made with menthol, which gives it a icy finish. It lasts for about two to four hours and is not rechargeable, so be sure not to leave it in water! This can damage the battery, causing it to last longer than it should.

It has 5% nicotine salt

Flum Float is a disposable vape pen that delivers up to 3000 puffs with its 5% nicotine salt e-juice. Its cartridge size is 8ml and the e-liquid is available in a variety of flavors, including Cool Mint and Aloe Grape.

Its ice-cold flavor is a unique and refreshing way to vape. The collection also has berry flavors. Strawberry Ice Cream and Icy Berry Lemon are some of the most popular. They contain a blend of berries, lemon, and mint juice, and are perfect for a summertime vape.

It lasts all day

The Flum Float Disposable Vape is a convenient and effective way to enjoy a vape throughout the day. It uses a self-contained battery and e-juice pod. It lasts two to four hours, depending on the flavor. These vapes are also non-rechargeable, but users should be careful to never immerse them in water, as this may cause damage to the battery.

Flum float disposable vapes come in a variety of flavors, which vary from strawberry ice cream to blackberries, raspberries, and tart blueberries. The flavors are refreshing and make your mouth feel fresh. The Vapor Boss website features top-quality vaporizers, e-liquids, and vaping accessories from top brands.